>A cool bloggy award From Molly!


Molly at Army Wife Learns the Cricut sent me this really cool award last week. Im just a tad bit late on getting this posted 🙂 Molly leaves me the nicest comments, Im glad to have found someone who is just as passionate about the Imagine as I am. Thank You Molly for this awesome award.

By accepting this award I must complete the following tasks:

1). Thank and link back to the person who awarded me

2). Share 8 things about myself

3). Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that I have recently discovered

4). Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards

Wow Eight things about myself…this should be interesting lol…

1. I hate spiders…really hate them. And they hate me too.
2. Photography is my first passion, papercrafting is my second.
3. I hate jewelry. I dont wear any at all. I like it and think its pretty, Just not for me. Sucks for the hubby when it comes time for gifts.
4. Major Tomboy here, see #3 comment 🙂 I think I own one dress. My favorite outfit is jeans and a tshirt. For fancy occasions I pull out the one dress. I need to work on being more feminine.
5. Im a country girl. See comment 3 and 4…it all ties in. I have lived in the city before. But miles away from the city really is nice.
6. Even tho Im a Tomboy, I cry everytime I watch a Disney Movie…And the Notebook…I think I cried for a week strait. And I cry still everytime I watch it.
7. I was in the FFA in Highschool and raised Sheep and Horses. I would love for my children to have that experience. My daughter is currently taking riding lessons.
8. I have never been to a foreign country, I have been to a couple states. And I love Nascar races.

Wow by looking at what I wrote above I think Im def a country girl lol…

8 Bloggers that I recently discovered…

Well not recently discovered but I cant leave them out.

Paula at More than Favors, shes my BBFF. Not to mention she has incredible talent that she def does not give herself enough credit for. She needs to own her awesomeness!

Momo at Made by Momo, Ya Im her number one stalker. Not only is she my team member for Scrappy Moms, but she is a daily source of insperation. And a Riot to skype with.

Sarah at Pink Cricut Um Hello, Don’t we all love Sarah? She super special to me. Shes my enabler and my Ebay shopping (or shopping for the matter) partner in crime. We need to live closer together.

Nicole at Canadian Nickel Scrapn, The Digi Queen. If I ever decided to venture into Digi’s she will be my main go to gal. So Talented is she. Gosh! Im always in awe. *Drools*

Mel at Scrappy Mel, Shes just an awesome lady inside and out. Her and Tammy design beautiful stamps, that Im proud to be on the design team for. She has fab projects as well, like those cute slipper cupcakes. *Gasp*

Pinky at Much Ado about Nothing Ok Seriously, This woman is really talented. I love everything she does. Im always looking at her blog for inspiration.

Liz at Lizs Paper Loft. Ok Im seriously jealous of her gift. Did you see her ornaments? Shes so talented…I can only hope to be this crafty one day…Baby steps I tell myself. Baby Steps.

Cricut Chick, I wish I knew her real name, but she just saved me last night from having a Gypsy meltdown when I couldnt get two cartridges to link up. Thanks so much!

I really love everyones blogs, If I follow you chances are I look daily. Your all a source of inspiration. No one should be singled out. But rules are rules lol. Im glad to have each and everyone of you as bloggy buddies.




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  1. >You are too sweet– and you made some awesome choices! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ ya!!

  2. >Thanks, Meriah – your so sweet! Much love to you! {{{ HUGS }}}

  3. >Love my BBFF!!! you are the best!!! You save me from several meltdowns daily LOL

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